Queers of the World, Unite! – Le festival WHOLE célèbre 100 ans de queerness en vidéo

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Moins de 3 semaines avant le WHOLE, festival queer dont on vous parlait il y a quelques temps, et auquel certain·e·s d’entre nous retournent faire un saut cette année. A nous les raves au bord d’un lac, les câlins dans les bois, les balades en canoë sous champi – clairement, on n’en peut plus d’attendre ! Heureusement, pour nous faire patienter, la team du WHOLE s’est dévoilée avec une vidéo tournée sur le site, qui célèbre par la danse 100 ans de luttes et d’histoire queers. Enjoy.

“QUEERS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!” – WHOLE 2019 ◆ United Queer Festival

💥🤘💥 OFFICIAL VIDEO ◆ WHOLE | United Queer Festival 2019 💥🤘💥“QUEERS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!” – Celebrating 100 Years of Queerness!Commemorating anniversaries from our queer history:The Bauhaus school enacted an alternative gender and disciplinary vision; the Marxist theorist Rosa Luxemburg was a proto-feminist who had multiple lovers at the same time and rejected two of the ubiquitous signifiers of femininity, corsets and long hair; Wendy Carlos is a trans woman who brought electronic music into the public consciousness in the ’60s; the Stonewall Riots changed queer history forever; the Radical Faerie Movement aimed to create an alternative to the social emptiness of the mainstream gay community. The queer movement exists thanks to the contributions of people that individually or collectively fought for the acknowledgment and acceptance of the concept of the “Other”, the non-conforming. Through either their work or how they chose to live their lives, they challenged the social norms of society from their time.Celebrating and commemorating their anniversaries, this is a tribute to some of those disruptive agents who still inspire queers today. For more info + tickets: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/whole-united-queer-festival-2019-tickets-55867872310——————————————-Filmed at Ferropolis!Director: Giacomo GaravelloniConcept: Giacomo Garavelloni (developed by TheFlaminGogos)DOP/Camera Work: Christian AckermannStyling: Ruby Wilson + Magdalena WoodmannVintage Clothing: Soba32 Costumes, Shoes & Accessories Creation: Magdalena WoodmannMUA/Hair: Jean Battirola + Marília RohrVideo Editor/Colorist: Pindaros AndriopoulosDirector Assistant: Wellington AlmeidaDOP/Lighting Assistants: Randy Schmidt + Tarik KocyilmazCatering: Danilo RosatoChoreography: The FlaminGogos (https://www.instagram.com/theflamingogos/)Dancers: Austin DF (https://www.instagram.com/koalapictureframe/), J. R. Thesis Smith (https://www.instagram.com/syn__thesis/), Ruby Wilson (https://www.instagram.com/rubyyy.90/), Sheryle Lopes Gomes (https://www.instagram.com/sherylelopes/), Val Braun (https://www.instagram.com/aubergine.diaries/)Music: Shaun J. Wright & Alinka – Come Together (Classic Music Company)

Publiée par WHOLE – United Queer Festival sur Lundi 20 mai 2019

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